Occupation since the Bronze Age

mobilier archeo unterlinden 006From 1300 BC to 750 BC

Long before the medieval fortified castle was built, this site covering 400m by 200m had already been occupied since the Bronze Age as this peak was not only well-situated but also naturally supplied in water thanks to a source known as the “Lisenbrunnen”.






The excavation campaigns undertaken since 1970 have uncovered the ruins of an outer wall and several dwellings in which a pottery kiln and a bread oven were recreated.

Archaeology and prehistory

In addition to the items in bronze (bracelets, rings, knives) and objects from everyday life (millstones, buffers, pebbles), the Hohlandsbourg has an impressive quantity of archaeological material: 30,000 shards of ceramics come from the pottery kiln and over 110,000 from the source referred to as “Lisenbrunnen”, of which some are exhibited at the Hohlandsbourg Castle even if most of them are at the Unterlinden Museum in Colmar.