The permanent exhibition


The 13th-century living quarters, successively overhauled in the 14th and 16th centuries by the Count of Lupfen and the Baron Lazare of Schwendi, were initially intended to improve the castle residential functions and living conditions. Today they harbour temporary exhibitions and the permanent exhibition presented on the site. 





The life and history of Hohlandsbourg

The permanent exhibition allows visitors to see and understand the life and history of the Castle through its archaeological collections. They are genuine vestiges all discovered during various archaeological digs undertaken on the site. These testifiers are associated with objects of mediation, graphics, illustrations, models or restored objects giving visitors substance to understand the themes mentioned in an engaging and fun manner, backed by historical data provided by historians and archaeologists.

Six themes are proposed to dig deeper into the history of the Castle through various angles:

The rooms on level 1 have four themes:

- The Castle, the site and the region
- The military function of the Castle
- The Castle asleep
- The Castle before?

The two areas on level 2 have 2 themes: everyday life at the Castle (first room) and the ‘behind-the-scene’ of the site works (second room): 

- The everyday life at the Castle, its history and its famous figures
- The ‘behind-the-scene’ areas of the site works