Welcome to the Hohlandsbourg castle

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Once a fortress, today a place of leisure and discovery, the Hohlandsbourg castle offers you the opportunity to explore this place steeped in history through numerous activities.

Women of the middle ages : this year, dames and damsels are in the spotlight.
Powerful women, valiant women, women in their daily lives, women in troubadour literature, courtly love, idealised ladies and demonised witches... explore the place of women through our many shows and
workshops - they were anything but confined to the kitchen!

On 14 and 15 May, we will start with the discovery of the daily life of women in the Middle Ages. The 18th and 19th of June will be devoted to witches, rites, beliefs and curses. Then, from 10 July to 28 August, the summer activities will plunge us into the exciting life of women knights. Other activities and workshops will be held throughout the year for everyone's enjoyment!



Next events

  • The Doors of Time - Season 2

    Bandeau mail carrSUNDAY MAY 22, 2022
    FROM 10 AM TO 5 PM

    The Doors of Time are opening...
    Discover the legend of the cursed hunt of Hohlandsbourg in a scenic reading illustrated by music and a demonstration of medieval fight!

    Performers: Les Lames d'en Temps et les musiciens de l'harmonie de Lutterbach



  • See you at the gardens

    affiche rendez vous aux jardins 2014SATURDAY 4 and SUNDAY 5 JUNE, 2022
    FROM 10AM TO 6PM

    The next edition of the «Rendez-vous aux jardins» will take place on Saturday 4 and Sunday 5 June 2022.





  • Witches! Rites, Beliefs and Evil Spells

    witchessaTURDAY 18 and SUNDAY 19 JUNE, 2022
    FROM 10AM TO 6PM

    Join our event and explore the terrifying universe of these malevolent or wonderfulJoin our event and explore the terrifying universe of these malevolent or wonderfulwomen!


    Performers: Les Chants de Lisel, Compagnie Les Monts Rieurs & le Théâtre de l’Alauda

  • Mets'diévales : mediaveal eating

    jardinsSUNDAY JUNE 26, 2022
    10.15 AM to 3.45 PM 

    A botanical walk based on the nutritional precepts of Hildegard of Bingen, and tasting of sweet-and-savoury dishes.

    In partnership with: Castle Route and Fortified Cities of Alsace
    Activity leader: Sandra Handschumacher, naturopathic practitioner


  • Valiant women

    Les chevaleresses1ArmdiaEVERY DAY FROM JULY 10 TO AUGUST 28, 2022 (EXCEPT on SATURDAYS)
    FROM 10 AM TO 7PM 

    In an enchanting setting, explore the exciting lives of exceptional mediaeval women: queens, saints, writers, adventurers, warriors...

    At 11am, 3pm and 5pm: GRAND SHOW!
    The legend of Mahaut!

    Activity leaders: Armédia


  • A Mediaeval Investigation

    FROM 10 AM TO 6PM

    Great interactive family game – a thief has broked into the Hohlandsbourg.


    Performers: Instructors’ team, FCM-Escrime Mulhouse



  • You can be Icarus too

    FROM 10 am to 5 PM

    Immersive tour by drone. With this unique experience, explore the castle from the air like a bird!

    Activity leader: Drone Alsace
    In partnership with: Castle Route and Fortified Cities of Alsace



  • European heritage days

    FROM 10 AM TO 6PM 

    39th European Heritage Days






  • Weird challenges - the haunted castle

    David-SilverSATURDAY 29 AND SUNDAY 30 OCTOBER, 2022
    FROM 10AM TO 5PM 
    MONDAY 31 OCTOBER, 2022
    FROM 10AM TO 5PM + evening (only in french)

    The whole family can join in! Take a tour of the castle’s weirdest haunted spots, take challenges and solve a mystery!


    Performers: Agence Expression