Temporary exhibition

figurinesThe figurines, a passion born in the 19th century - DELAYED

This exhibition depicts the craftsmanship in vogue during the 19th century … that of a diverse selection of historic figurines in all shapes and forms.

In partnership with Association des Figurinistes et Collectionneurs de Figurines de l’Est de la France.





Diversity of materials, techniques and formats used (paper, metal, plastic, wood, earth … flat, in ronde-bosse, etc), diversity of themes dealt with, at a time where the industrial revolution, the rise of public education and the beginning of leisure-time were significantly modifying the production of these “scale models”.
Blending history, the imaginary and art, this exhibition reveals how these historic figurines were used in general education to re-create specific paintings and events: tin soldiers taking action during the most famous battles, including that of 1870, to the fights against the Indians from the Far West, to the colonial epic etc.
There is no question about the cultural importance of the figurines and this exhibition unfolds the long existence of these educational games before they became collector’s items in the 20th century.

Place: temporary exhibition area
Language: french
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