MUSIC, songs, fables and pranks in the middle ages! (show in french only)
saturday april 29 & october 21, thursday august 3, 2017 - 7 pm
SUNDAY MAY 28, JUNE 25, SEPTEMBER 10, 2017 - 12 PM

An appetising series of banquets organised under the theme of the Middle Ages and its oddities set within a perfectly-modelled ambiance from that time! A convivially presented evening combining feasts, medieval music and savoury comments.

The evening is hosted by the Compagnie Hauvoy, a group of people loving to promote ancient music who are enamoured by this history-packed site which they willingly proclaim to the rhythm of their shawms, bells and kettle drums ... These musicians, dressed up in 15th century costumes are also town criers, story-tellers of absurd tales and are always up for narrating some amusing fabliaux and they always have some fun tricks up their sleeves ….!

Menu 2016 (subject to change):

* Hypocras (white vine) or Clairet (red wine) or apple juice with honey

* Yesteryear vegetable soup

* The castle rotisserie plate:
   Marinated ribs with honey and roast cockerel with grainy mustard, served with vegetables and root vegetables of old

* Apple turnover
   Almond milk Blancmange
   Poached pear in red wine

* Alsace Pinot blanc and Pinot Noir (25 cl per personne), mineral water, coffee/tea

Place: reception room
Duration: about 4 hours, tour included (tour at 11am or 7pm depending on the date)
Upon reservation from Monday to Friday
Public: as of 6 years old
Number of peopole: 100 maximum

Reservation mandatory at +33 (0)




Entrance fees:


Prices 2017

Tour (optional)

4.50 €

Child from 3-5 years old

17.00 €

Child from 6-12 years old

33.00 €

Full price

49.00 €

Family price (2 adults and 2 children 6/12 years old)

152.00 €


Useful to know:

  • Reservations may be made by email or by telephone, but only the payment by bank transfer, by credit card over the phone, or directly presented at the Castle welcome desk no later than 48 hours before the show, will allow us to fully record the transaction.          
  • In the event you cancel your reservation less than 48 hours before the show or failure to show, the full price is due.
  • Management reserves the right to cancel the evening if the number of guests is under 30 in total. In this event, it is possible to postpone for a later date or if necessary, to request the payment be reimbursed..